SoundConverter 20110616

Convert sound files in different formats


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Wide selection of formats


  • Not always easy to calibrate settings right

Very good

With the proliferation of audio formats these days, it's crucial to have a proper application that can convert quickly to any format. SoundConverter allows you to convert to almost any kind of audio format.

The application only requires you to drag and drop the file and choose the settings. SoundConverter can turn audio files into the most common audio formats, including ringtone formats like dsp or ems. From the main interface you'll be able to adjust elements like bitrate, stereo, kbps, frequency and VBR.

Drag-and-drop becomes extremely handy if you're looking to batch process a number of files. Just select them all, drag them onto the SoundConverter interface, and let the application do its job. Note that it will take a bit more time than if you are converting just one audio file.

You'll find additional options in SoundConverter's side pane, like volume and fade in. Unfortunately there is no preview feature, so you'll have to convert first, then listen to your audio file and see if you have set the options right.

SoundConverter will please users looking for a quick batch converting solution.

Possible fix for some issues with choosing an output path.


  • Possible fix for some issues with choosing an output path.

SoundConverter supports the following formats

Input formats:
3210, 4xm, 8svx, aac, ac3, aif, aifc, aiff, al, au, auto, avi, avr, bics, bmp, carl, cdr, cvs, dat, dv, emelody, emy, fap, ffm, flsh, gsm, h263, h264, hcom, imelody, imy, ircam, kws, la, lu, m3u, m4a, m4p, m4v, mat, mat4, mat5, maud



SoundConverter 20110616

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